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Octagon Gable Vents

Aluminum Octagon Gable Vents

Aluminum with a durable low maintenance finish. Great for new construction or remodel applications. Sturdy louvers designed to resist wind driven rain.

Can be Functional (Fully Screened Back) or Decorative Only.

Width X Height

Common sizes include:

12"octagon, 14" octagon, 16" octagon, 18" octagon, 20" octagon,

22" octagon, 24" octagon, 28" octagon, 32" octagon, 36" octagon

Or please give us a call and we can build them any size you need in 1/8" increments.

Mounting Option
Functional or Decorative

Need a Octagon Gable Vent in a size or color that is not listed?

Just give us a call and we can fabricate it for you 208-589-4020

Or fill out our Easy Quote Email Form to receive a free quote by email 

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